Our lives are dominated by software, but we don’t understand it very well

You might work at a tech company, a bank, a financial services firm, or in healthcare, but there’s one common thread that pervades your professional circles: software. This is probably one of the 8+ hours a day that you spend using your phone or computer (check your screen time: it’s depressing). And man, software is complicated.

Ideally, we’d all love to understand what an API is, how to talk to your coworkers about programming languages, and why your laptop won’t connect to the goddamn airport WiFi. But this stuff is hard. You’ve tried googling things you don’t get, but every concept seems to require understanding another concept, and the people writing these guides aren’t very…er…engaging. That’s what Technically is for.

What’s Technically?

Technically sends out engaging, simple explanations of technical concepts that are useful for your day to day job and fun to read. A few examples of the kinds of topics that you’ll be getting comfortable with:

If these questions sound interesting to you, great! You’re a nerd (kidding) and you might enjoy this newsletter.

Who you are, and why Technically will help you

Technically is aimed at working professionals who interact with software as part of their jobs. As software becomes increasingly critical to your success, it’s becoming more important to understand the basics of how it works. Technically will help you:

  • Find better solutions to your problems at work

  • Speak more intelligently with your technical colleagues

  • Better understand the product that your company sells, and how it gets built

  • Write more engaging content that resonates with your audience

  • Identify trends in technology that are impacting your job

  • Date more attracti…oops sorry wrong tab

This newsletter is going to be most useful if you work at a tech company, bank, financial services firm, healthcare company, or any institution that makes heavy use of software.

Free Technically vs. Paid Technically

Technically publishes occasional free posts, usually once a month or so, that break down the basics of tech and software. But if you sign up for the paid tier, you get a bunch of extra stuff:

  1. Company breakdowns (e.g. what does GitLab do?)1

  2. Deep dives into specific topics (e.g. the details: data warehouses)

  3. Ask Technically, where paid subscribers get their questions answered (e.g. Ask Technically #2)

We’re working on making the paid tier even more interesting for you with new content formats, interviews, and a lot more. If you’re not sold, just send me an email and we can hook you up with a free trial.

If you want in, it’s $8 a month or $80 a year. That, in Michael Scott’s words, is less than the price of a cup of coffee an hour.

Many paid subscribers expense Technically to their employer, either in general or as part of an education stipend / allowance. We can set you up with the appropriate paperwork to make that easy peasy.


These posts are very occasionally free but almost always paid.

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